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James Gardin Is Spreading Joy

When things in life get heavy, it can be very difficult to find joy, but Illect recording artist James Gardin wants to remind people that true “Joy” comes from God alone. Joy is something we all try to find every day. At times, its located in painfully apparent places. Sometimes, its qualities are more elusive and need to be dug up from overlooked nooks and crannies. At the end of the day, joy is always found in things that are internal and eternal.

James Gardin continues his undefeated streak as “The World’s Most Encouraging Rapper” and reconvenes with his longtime collaborator, TheyCallMeHeat. The result is a fresh new single to help people get through their big, medium and small miseries. “Joy” is a funky, danceable number that has the soundscape of a Hip Hop spaghetti western.

Be sure to follow James Gardin on social media @jamesgardin and purchase his music here.

Listen to “Joy” Here

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