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Jamie Grace and Morgan Harper Nichols remind women of their worth in “Daughter of The King&#82

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and it’s especially timely that Christian artist Jamie Grace Harper teamed up with her sister Morgan Harper Nichols to release a new video for her new single “Daughter of The King.”

Jamie shared what this song about worth means to her: “The song means a lot to me and we’re so honored to not only share this song but to share the stories of the incredible women that you met in this video.” She also includes her own story of when someone tried to pick her apart with their opinions on how she should dress on stage for her performances.

Like the other women and girls featured in the video, we can get overwhelmed with messages from everywhere, and many of them attack who we are as individuals. So this video and song are both encouraging to any girl or woman to stand firm in their identity, which for believers, is first found in Christ Jesus.

Now is the time for us to understand that our worth and our value is not in someone’s words. It’s not in what we wear, it’s not in the way our bodies look, the amount of money that we make or the degree that we do or do not have. Our worth can be found in something so much greater, and that’s what the song is all about.” -Jamie Grace

The Maker of skies, the Maker of seas The Maker of every beautiful thing He made you, He made you too The mountain high, the river wide He tells the sun when to set and rise And He made you, He made you too You’re a daughter of the King So tell me, what does that make you?

The song is beautifully written by Jamie Grace and it’s great to see the Harper Sisters team up once again for such an empowering song. See the full video below.

Watch “Daugther of The King” Here

The single “Daughter of The King” is available on Jamie Grace’s newest album, ’91, now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to 91  Here

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