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JGivens Gets Transparent About Life w/ New Single, “Understand”

JGivens recently released brand new single, “Understand” along with official visuals.  In traditional JGivens style, transparency and honesty are at the foundation of this single coupled with a smooth and melodic hip hop beat produced by Christon Gray. Christon Gray’s also lends vocals to the track which can be heard in the background throughout the song being sung over a sample from The Winans’ single Just Don’t Wanna Be Loved.

Watch “Understand” by JGivens

If you’re familiar with JGiven’s work, you’ll recall him first sharing his personal struggles with overcoming addiction on his album Fly Exam.  Fly Exam offers an honest look at drug addition, his walk with God, self-reflection and his struggles with failure.  Since that album, it has been clear that JGivens was a “new breed” type of Christian artist who isn’t afraid to be honest about both the light and darkness in his life as a believer.


If you have ever seen Givens perform live, you already know that his energy and creativity remains high!  But, his transparency and love for God also remains just as consistent.  He is often seen taking time to share his story of overcoming addiction and of the hope that he has found in the Gospel.  His transparency remains just as strong when speaking about his shortcomings and failures.  Whether speaking about greed, pride, addition or failure of any kind, JGivens remains honest about his growth along with his challenges because of his belief that someone listening will be able to relate, be encouraged and keep moving forward with God as their help.

In our social media obsessed culture, most are consumed with showing only the Top Highlights of their life, which often leaves many left feeling depressed because of their long list of “missing the mark” moments (which all of us have experienced in one way or another).  No one has a life filled with only dope highlights.  We all have both highs and lows.  JGivens is a breath of fresh air for many because he isn’t afraid to show his humanity through the honesty in his lyrics.  We’re sure this form transparency will continue to encourage someone to know that they are not alone.  Our prayers are with our brother JGivens as he continues in his journey, and as he continues to make more great music.

If you’re new to JGivens, check out his full album, Fly Exam below:

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