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Jonathan McReynolds Announces New Book: “Make Room – Finding Where Faith Fits”

Jonathan McReynolds surprised everyone on Instagram today with the news of a new book! The book is called “Make Room – Finding Where Faith Fits”. If you’re a fan of Jonathan McReynolds beyond the music, you know that he is not new to sharing his thoughts through writing.

Jonathan has been featured in the Huffington Post, and more – strictly for sharing his thoughts on various topics. One of his popular articles was the clap back response to a BET journalist’s article “From Eddie Long to Kim Burrell – Why millennials need to abandon the church”. His reply article was fittingly titled “From T.D. Jakes to Lecrae – Why Millennials Should Go To Church”. His article gave a much more balanced perspective to the original article which sought to take two negative stories involving a Pastor and Gospel artist and using it to generalize an entire body of people. McReynold’s response shut that down quickly.

In addition to Jonathan’s features, he started a new addition to his website at where he has continued to periodically share blogs about life, music and more which have been followed by small meet ups and panel discussions in his home city of Chicago. Conversations with Jonathan and his friends are always engaging. If you have purchased his latest album, then you also know he uses clever wordplay and has a unique way of making deep topics simplistic and easy to digest. So on a scale of 1 – 10 how deep will this book be?  We’re hoping for a 10 as usual. But, we’re pretty confident that whatever he shares will likely be an extension of what we have already come to expect from him… and we’re here for it!

Get ready to pre-order!

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It’s coming. Make Room for #TheBook

A post shared by Jonathan McReynolds (@jonmcreynolds) on Oct 6, 2018 at 6:26am PDT

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