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Jonathan McReynolds’ new single “Cycles” is our #LifeGoals anthem in 2018

Jonathan McReynolds has new music that’s hitting home with many listeners.

He recently released audio from a live recording of his song “Cycles” with artist DOE, discussing something that we don’t often address through song: broken habits, things we may have experienced growing up and bad cycles of behavior. This is seen throughout the lyrics.

See the devil, he learns from your mistakes Even if you don’t

From a Christian perspective, we get caught in cycles of sin, shame or guilt, asking God for forgiveness, and not truly turning from our ways. Thus we are doomed to repeat the same things because we haven’t had that moment of truly surrendering that sin issue to God, or coming to terms of where it came from.

Didn’t I conquer this last year? Tell me what I missed ’cause I fear That it’s coming back up again Must be something I ate Some song, some show, some hate

This track will spark discussion in small groups, bolder conversations among friends, and deeper intimacy with God. Jonathan McReynolds is no stranger to shedding light on the realities of being a young adult Christian as he’s shared over the years in poignant hits like “No Gray”, “Pressure” and “Maintain.”

The truth is that we will always have battles to face and temptations to either run from or entertain, but the choice is always our own on this journey. We also have the choice to continue the cycles of our past or family cycles into our present and future.

There is power in the name of JesusTo break every cycle

By faith and God’s grace we can make the decision to break the cycles in our life for a better future. Our friends over at Married & Young are hosting a free, 4 Day #BreakTheCycle Challenge from February 5-8th, learn more and sign up today here.

Pre-order Jonathan McReynolds’ upcoming album, Make Room and instantly get the singles “Cycles” and “Not Lucky I’m Loved” here.

Listen to “Cycles” from Jonathan McReynolds here:

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