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Jonathan McReynolds’ New Year Music Will Inspire Your 2017 Journey

Written by Tatianah Green, @tfortrendsetta

We all bring in the New Year in different ways. From house parties, cooking a traditional meal to attending church service, there may be things that you did to welcome 2017 with open arms and even an open heart.  Gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds shared a snippet of a song on Instagram on New Year’s Day that he had in mind to kick off 2017.

Watch The Song Snippet Here:

“I HAD to start my year off with this statement.  I am excited,” he wrote in his post’s caption.  The one minute clip starts with him singing:   “I am excited and hopeful, ecstatic for what You will do…”

It reminds me of the Psalms of David, including Psalm 98:1: “O Sing unto the Lord a new song, for He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gotten Him the victory.” It’s a beautiful form of expression to sing a new song from your heart. It doesn’t have to be overproduced or sound like anyone else, it should come from your heart.  Jonathan was singing praise to God in advance for what the Lord will do this year and beyond.  His post included that he’ll have new music, new blogs, new mercies and a new tour alongside artists Travis Greene and Anthony Brown.

Jonathan has a lot to look forward to in 2017, so what about you?


You may not have a desire to sing, but what are you thanking God for in your new year?  I for one am feeling empowered and grateful to be loved by God.  His mercies were new for me each morning in 2016, even when I took advantage of them or didn’t deserve them.  I’m grateful to be loved and kept by God, to be able to find peace in Christ Jesus.  Letting the Lord know in prayer, writing, song or however you express yourself to God about your feelings for the New Year open up an opportunity to worship Him.  It’s letting God know that you trust Him, just as Jonathan continued to sing:

“I am embracing, anticipating, the next thing that I’ll see from You…”


Embracing and anticipating the next thing that God will do in your life keeps you hopeful in His plans for your life’s journey. Embracing God’s next thing for you includes leaning not to your own understanding, which is what I’m learning to do each season.  Be open to what He has for you.  Be expectant that it’s good and will be for your good and for His glory.

“For you’ve got great plans for my future and I am excited…I am excited.”


Jonathan concluded the video with that last line of trust and confidence in the Lord’s plans for his future.  God has amazing plans for all of us, so let’s not limit Him but be open and excited for what He has in mind to do for us and through us.

In 2016 I made this verse priority when it came to my goals for the year and He surely came through for me: “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed” (Proverbs 16:3).  You may have made resolutions, plans, or goals to your 2017, but will you submit them to God in faith knowing that He has your best interests at heart? Let’s be thankful and confident that He has us in 2017, just as He has before.


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