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Jonathan McReynolds releases deluxe edition of “Make Room” featuring 3 new songs

Nearly six months after the release of his third album Make Room singer Jonathan McReynolds releases a deluxe edition out today, including three new tracks!

So what sounds can we expect on Make More Room? The three new tracks include “Excited” which he gave a sneak preview of in the beginning of 2017. Another track is “Try” and the third is a slower song called “God is Good.” They all sound like music we’re ready for as we make more room for God and good music in our lives.

Make Room, which released in early March 2018, made number one on the Billboard Gospel charts and a historic 1.3+ million streams of the digital album. Rightfully so, as it featured hit after hit with collaborators Dee-1, Travis Greene, Anthony Brown, Courtney Wilson, and more.

“I’m so excited for all that God is doing as we aim to make more room for Him,” Jonathan shared this week on his Instagram page, inviting fans to #MakeMoreRoom as he gears up for his nearly sold out Make Room Tour which started this weekend! He shared the good news in song with fans last month:

Joining him in various cities on the Make Room Tour will be artists Koryn Hawthorne, Will McMillan, and Jor’dan Armstrong.

Listen to Make More Room     Here

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