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Jonathan McReynolds talks life, music, and the future of Gospel with Sam Collier on “A Greater

“When your story connects to God’s story it leads to a greater story.”

ArtSoul Radio Show host Sam Collier of “A Greater Story” sat down with artist Jonathan McReynolds recently to talk about his life, voice and the stories behind his music.

A self-proclaimed nerd, Jonathan shared his interests in tech, music, meteorology and his desire to learn. Growing up playing music in the church, Jonathan was trying to figure out “Christianity outside of church,” how to just live it out in everyday situations that we all face.

Those experiences and more were part of his first album, Life Music, which McReynolds put together in his college dorm room! He admitted to Sam that almost trashing his single “No Gray” because he thought it wasn’t “Gospel enough” of a sound, but it was his authentic story, and has become one of his greatest hits so far.

“God just put my name in the wind,” McReynolds humbly shared on his musical career’s takeoff and growing popularity.  You don’t want to miss Jonathan McReynolds’ inspirational journey in his music career so far, from church services to the Stellar Awards and making records with his projects.

McReynolds shared some notable advice throughout their interview, including this for anyone navigating their career and purpose journey:

“When you find your own groove, you become really good at your groove, and it allows everything else to open up.”

On “A Greater Story,” Sam Collier gets into the artists’ life story, but also the story behind their music. Jonathan McReynolds shared that his songs, from “No Gray” to “Cycles” start with his humanity and end with his faith.

His style of music is changing hearts in the traditional genres of Gospel music, and he shared his take on the future sounds of what we consider current and old school Gospel Music. We’ve seen artists transition in and out of the Christian/Gospel genres, or completely redefine it for their own sound. “What you see is kind of a dispersion of the Message in a lot of different places.” The 28-year-old artist talked about the current state of Gospel and how people today view church, which is “a charge to sing our song in a strange land,” to stay steadfast in this changing culture while glorifying God.

Want more? Tune into this episode of A Greater Story here and be sure to share with your takeaways from this interview!

A Greater Story’ is what is available for all of us.  A life completely fueled and guided by the power of God. He has a plan for all of us. The common cry and longing of humanity knowingly and unknowingly has always and will always be the desire to discover and ALIGN with HIS plan. HIS story. A Greater Story. This campaign was designed to help us all discover how to gain access to that Greater Story. Led and narrated by Sam Collier and his unique story and journey, our goal through our messages, products and initiatives is to partner with individuals to aid them in their process of discovery.

Catch A Greater Story on ArtSoul Radio now airing every Wednesday at 2pm CST and Saturdays at 10am CST!

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