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Joseph Solomon Hosts “Party For One”

Native Northerner Joseph Solomon  has released his new and “first” official single “Party for One.”

Though known as a spoken word artist and likely most recognized from his YouTube channel, Solomon has always been a singer/songwriter.  The Texas native has put out other singles in the past, “Make Me Believe and “Rest,” however those releases have since become unavailable.

“Party For One,” though, appears to be his coming out party.  Solomon has led many a conference or concert in worship with his acoustic guitar around his neck and bellowing beautiful, hymnic lyrics.  But, Solomon doesn’t want to be boxed in as only a worship singer; he’s influenced by all genres of music and hopes to have his musical output reflect such.  With a soulful and poignant tone and heartfelt lyrics, I’m sure “Party For One” will be well received and is only the beginning for Joseph Solomon the musician.

Listen to “Party for One” Here

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