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Justin Bieber Denies Rumors His Faith Played a Role In Tour Cancellation

According to several news sources, Justin Bieber has denied from the beginning that his faith played a role in the cancellation of The Purpose Tour.  While we honestly wouldn’t fight his possible desire to create a faith based album or to pursue any other endeavors that have recently been the rumor lately, could it be possible that he might actually just need a break?

Bieber has performed more than 150 shows in 40 countries across six continents and 16 months on his “Purpose” world tour.  But some news sources are citing that the final 14 scheduled dates were seemingly just too much for the 23 year old.

In a brief video interview published on Monday evening by TMZ, Mr. Bieber, looking casual in front of a gigantic black pickup truck, said:

“Everything’s fine. I’ve been on tour for two years.” Asked about his downtime, the singer added, “Just resting, getting some relaxation — we’re gonna ride some bikes.”

In a time where we have already lost several major talented artists due to being overworked, drug use, addiction to pain killers  (which can stem from being overworked, injured, etc), and other causes, taking a break may be wise advice.  

Bieber’s Purpose Tour began in 2016 in celebration of his album under that same name at the time.  Since then, the show reviews have been cited as being “mixed”, while some have even mentioned perceiving Justin’s lack of interest in performing.  

Writing in The New York Times, critic Jon Caramanica compared the pop star to a kidnapping victim (“forced into high-intensity labor”) and noted “the studied indifference that was the norm throughout this sometimes worrisome night.”

In his article, he added… “Mr. Bieber gave the impression of a boy king who inherited subjects he didn’t ask for, responsibilities he’s not interested in shouldering.”

In 2016, Bieber was laying flat at the center of the stage in a packed house at Barclays Center and spoke to the crowd:

“You guys ever feel like sleeping all day?”

“That’s me all the time,” he continued.  “This morning, I hit my snooze button seven times, like, ‘Don’t wake me up!’”

A year later, could it be possible that Beiber is not only taking a break but also doing some soul searching at the same time?   

The Purpose Tour made $163.3 million last year, an additional $93.2 million so far this year, and Bieber is still hitting Top 5 on the Billboard charts with his most recent singles!  One might say that with success like that, you must be on the right track!  But, if you ask any artist who has done any amount of extensive touring, you’ll learn that it’s not easy, not the most glamorous, and some will even admit that unless they are very intentional about “self-care”, it can be one of their most unhealthy times physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Often having little time for proper sleep, and a healthy diet, artists can find themselves running on auto-pilot, but empty.

It’s important for every artist to have someone around them who will hold them accountable and encourage them to make wise and healthy decisions.  The worst thing any artist can do is be surrounded by only “Yes” people who will never tell them when they’re wrong or challenge their perspective on life and the challenges that come with it.   

In addition to the typical stresses touring can bring, according to TMZ, Justin has also been estranged from his mother and doesn’t have a relationship with his father.  During this time Carl Lentz has been like a Father figure to him.

While it’s true that Carl Lentz has been a major influence in Justin’s spiritual life, he is not the only one who is supporting Justin’s decision to cancel the last leg of his tour.  Beiber’s longtime manager, Scooter Braun, defended the cancellations on Instagram, stating that “a man’s soul and well-being I truly care about came first and We must all respect and honor that.”  

John Mayer also supported Justin’s decision via twitter:

When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. 1/2 — John Mayer (@JohnMayer) July 24, 2017

We’ve lost so many great artists lately. I give Justin ???? for realizing it was time to call it. You should too. 2/2 — John Mayer (@JohnMayer) July 24, 2017

Is Justin creating a gospel album?  Is he quitting music altogether because of his faith?  Is he starting his own church?

These are just a few of the rumors that are continuing to fly regarding Bieber’s next move and the reason behind him canceling the final 14 shows of The Purpose Tour… All we can really do is hold on to what Justin and his team have directly shared with the media so far… which is that Justin needs a break.

With that being said, it might just be time the media gives him a break as well.  So, let us all let Bieber be great and take a nap, ride a bike, go to church, pray, go to a Hillsong Conference, or whatever he needs to do to take care of his well being.  Everyone comes back stronger after taking time to recuperate.

Who knows, if he gets the break he needs and keeps hanging around Carl Lentz, we might even still get that Gospel album we’ve all been looking for!

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