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Kanye West Opens Up About Serving God & Performs Sunday Services at Lakewood

Kanye appeared at Joel Osteen’s church today where he did a full interview speaking on his recent transition to Christianity, what the process of change has been like for him so far, and about the process of creating his current album. Following the interview Kanye and his team performed their traveling “Sunday Service” pop up experience. Watch the full interview and performance below:

Watch Interview Here:

Prior to the service, you’ll see the Lakewood Praise collective opening up along with their featured guest for this weekend Tauren Wells. Just so you don’t miss any parts of this recap video, we have included the time stamps below for easy and quick viewing:

  1. Interview with Kanye starts at 47:18

  2. Tauren Wells Solo Guest Performance 32:17

  3. Joel Osteen’s Prayer 28:32

Watch The Performance of Kanye’s Sunday Service at Lakewood:

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