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Kay Sade Won’t Keep it on “The Low”

Kay Sade is going harder than ever over the past few months, releasing single after single. She first released “Speed Up,” and then “Moves,” and now the Virginia born, New Jersey bred rapper is back with another new single entitled “The Low.”

With a flow that is smooth and flawless over her own production, Kay Sade delivers another stimulating single. “The Low” is rhythmic from beginning to end. She holds no punches about holding onto truths and not keeping things “on the low” by constantly asking “why are you looking at me to agree?” With lyrics like “I ain’t got the sauce all on me/but I got the cross all on me” Kay is going against the grain and being unapologetically Kay Sade.

Be on the watch for fresh material by following her on Instagram, Twitter and Spotify @kaysade321

Listen to music from Kay Sade below and purchase “The Low” here.

Listen to “The Low” Here

Listen to more from Kay Sade Here

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