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Keilanda & Pray For Hip Hop Movement Featured on The Breakfast Club

Recently featured on The Breakfast Club, this young lady is the epitome of what it looks like when faith meets culture! Keilanda was not just featured on the morning show, but she also had the opportunity to pray for all of the hosts after Charlamagne Tha God suggested that she pray for the hosts and the entire office staff.

In the video interview, Charlamagne talks about how he met Keilanda:

“I was having lunch with Angela Rai one day and I walked out of the place I was eating at and Keilanda just ran up to me and was like ‘Hey, Charlamagne! Can I pray for you?’ I don’t turn down no prayer you know? I need it! So, we prayed. We held hands and we prayed in the middle of the street. Then I saw her again coming out of Hunt & Fish Club one night with her mom and sister. She was like ‘Charlamagne, you wanna pray?’ I said of course! Whey wouldn’t I wanna get this prayer!

As the founder of @prayforhiphop, these kind of scenarios are not uncommon for her! It’s more so her prayer. Keilanda is committed to praying for everyone who is apart of the hip hop culture. As you’ll see in her interview, God seems to grant her with unprecedented meetings with well known artists and leaders within that community and she never ceases to use those opportunities to do what she’s called to do when she meets them – pray.

Keilanda is also a teacher to junior high youth, a hip hop artist, singer and actress. We salute her for her work and the change she’s making through her gifts of music, teaching and more. We’re especially excited to see the work she’s doing through her organization “Pray for Hip Hop”. Watch the full video of her feature on The Breakfast Club below.

Keiland Speaks To “The Breakfast Club” About The #PrayForHipHop Movement & Prays for The Staff:

Stay Connected With Keilanda and her movement by following @prayforhiphop on instagram. Tune in every Monday night at 9:30pm EST and join in with her as she prays for hip hop.


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