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Kierra Sheard Lands Number One Spot On The Gospel Charts Ending Kanyes 6 Month Reign

The headlines have been spreading the word like wildfire that Grammy nominated artist Kierra Sheard has “dethroned” Kanye from holding the number one spot on the Billboard Gospel charts, but Kierra has been responding to those headlines with class and a spirit of unity, not competition.

Kierra posted the following statement in response to these type of headlines on instagram:

“As this is not an ill competition but a race/journey that we are on to win souls and uplift the world with the message of Jesus Christ, hope, love, and more,” Kierra wrote on Instagram. “I’ve been a fan of Kanye’s music. I’on won’t no smoke! Lmbo but I’m super honored to have been chosen to have been apart of this moment in music history. Thank you @billboard for this highlight on gospel music. God is faith and His message and love still conquers all! I hope you’re still listening to my new music and are being empowered!”

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God is faithful. Bitter sweet moment. I just wish I could tell my Nanna! I’m so grateful for this opportunity. I don’t take it lightly. Grateful for you all! Love you! Thank you! #NewMusic #KeepStreamingPlease @karewent @rcainspiration #itkeepsHappening

A post shared by Kierra Sheard (@kierrasheard) on Apr 27, 2020 at 1:44pm PDT


“Absolutely, I would and I would make things clear that just because I am working with someone … because you know we have family that we disagree with but I’m still gonna love them,” she expressed to Jason. “Sometimes us coming together will do something different for the world … so absolutely! But there would be some statements following my decision with that feature.”


Kierra has a lot to celebrate! In addition to landing the number one spot on Billboard Gospel Charts, she also just completed her acting debut in nthe Lifetime TV Film “The Clark Sisters” where Kierra had the honor of playing her mother Karen Clark Sheard in the film. According to Nielson, the film reached a staggering 2.7 million total viewers! That’s a huge victory for this Kierra and her entire family which was represented in the film.

We’re excited to see what’s next for Kierra as she continues to soar to new heights in multiple industries! From all of us fans, we just say “Keep going Queen!!”

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