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LaShanda Lewis Releases New EP, No Fear

Chicago based artist LaShanda Lewis recently released her new album, No Fear which includes the leading single “All of Creation.”

When asked what listeners can expect from the album, LaShanda replied,

“This album is a collection of songs that will take you on a journey of finding victory over fear allowing God to reveal Himself to you and allowing Him to make the transformation in you as you glorify His name in His presence.”

The making of this album was originally inspired by the artist’s struggle with a speech impediment and how her faith in God helped bring healing. In our opinion, this album is more than worth listening to. It’s a tool that you might find to be the help you didn’t know you needed to increase your faith!

In addition to the music, LaShanda has created a 5-day devotional to help any and everyone on their unique journey to fearlessness.  The devotion is available through Amanzon here.

Listen to “All of Creation (We Celebrate)” Here


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