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Fresh off a powerful performance at BET’s Hip Hop Awards, Lecrae recently released his new single entitled “Can’t Stop Me Now” in conjunction with his “Destination Tour” which kicked off on October 25th.   The Grammy-winning rapper is laying his heart out for the world to see on this raw and uplifting song.

The melodic and commanding hook that tells listeners to let go of their “feelings of depression and doubt” is not surprisingly catchy and memorable as that is what we’ve come to expect from the Reach Records co-owner and lead artist. What is surprising, however, is the transparency in his lyrics. “Last year I was feeling hopeless, I just wanted it to end, people stealing money from me man I thought that we was friends,” raps Lecrae.  He’s had to battle with the death of his friend and DJ, DJ official, as well as appeasing fans that would rather he continue to make the music they’ve come to love and abandon social issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement and the multiple police shootings that he has spoken out against.

At the same time, dealing with a new level of fame and success, it is clear that this past year has been difficult for Lecrae.  “Can’t Stop Me Now” is him shining a light on the dark place he’s been, but more importantly letting go of all of the challenges and feelings of despair and pushing forward. This song serves as a reminder for the listener to do the same, “throw up both hands way back and then you sail away.”

Watch the “Can’t Stop Me Now” lyric video here:

Written by Vincent Porter | @vopga

#hiphop #lecrae

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