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Lecrae Releases New Visual For Single, “Blessings” (Ft. TY Dollar Sign)

LeCrae and Ty Dolla $ign recently teamed up for the trap-infused single “Blessings” which can be found on Lecrae’s forthcoming eighth studio album.  Mirroring the message found in the single and seen on the single’s cover image (featuring the rapper as a baby along with his mother), Lecrae says the visual is meant to showcase the blessings that come along with family and friends.

“For ‘Blessings’ we wanted to do a video that just kind of focused on everyday things we take for granted, family, gatherings, good food, good people, just God being the source of the simple things,” he shared. “Just a fun time, a good time, enjoying family, enjoying friends, enjoying people. It’s like going to Big Mama’s house and when you just got that feeling of nostalgia.” – Lecrae

Lecrae pulled inspiration for the video from ‘90s movies like Boyz n the Hood, Soul Food, Menace II Society, Big Momma’s House.”  Lecrae tells XXL, “We wanted to paint a picture of family and the blessing of having friends and family and kids, and uncles, and aunties, big mama. It’s also a lot of how my childhood was. My family would throw parties all the time and it would be a lot of laughing, drinking, dancing, spades and dominoes and that was a great time for me.”

While most rappers these days tend to focus on counting up a long list of material possessions and/or women, many are finding it refreshing to hear Lecrae put a different spin on the message within his track along with TY Dollar Sign.

“Count it up, count it up, count it up/Line ’em up, line ’em up, line ’em up/Swear the sun shinin’ on me in my huddle/No matter the trouble surroundin’ us/They don’t see that it’s a lot of us/Everybody move anonymous,”

Watch the full video below, then scroll down further to see what fans are saying about this latest relase!



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