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Leland Philpot Releases “Psalms In The Midst” Visual Album

From his breakout Power92FM debut of “Psalms In The Midst”, Leland Philpot recently released a full visual album! Each song from his debut EP has its own visual. He will be releasing each video individually every Friday on his YouTube channel.

The EP is self produced, written, and engineered. His videos are also self produced, edited, shot, and colored by Leland Philpot & Quinn Taylor.

Me & my director, Quinn Taylor, have spent the past 3 months shooting this movie. When I tell you that this has been some of our best stuff to date… every single visual is an experience. BabelScatter is here to make a statement!

Check out his first video below today!

Leland’s music has already been making waves in both FM and Online Radio. During the start of the Quarantine due Covid19, Leland’s single and accompanying video went viral leaving followers feeling encouraged during a time of isolation and uncertainty.” – ArtSoul Radio

If you missed his previous viral video, check it out below:



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