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Looking for A New Holiday Movie? Check Out “Holiday Heist”

A man recently released from prison is torn between a life of crime and a fresh start with a woman he meets while scoping out a potential heist.

Cast: Chaley Rose (Jade), Jatone Smith (Bolo), Tobias Truvillion (Devin), Edward Williams III

Devin (Tobias Truvillion) is ready to live life on the straight and narrow but is pulled back into a life of crime when his old gangster boss resurfaces ready to cash in on an old debt. They’ve set their sights on the priceless collection of African diamonds on display for the Christmas season at the struggling, family-owned Holiday Jewels store. Devin lands a job at the jewelry store so he can be closer to his target but winds up falling for the owner’s daughter, Jade Holiday (Chaley Rose). In turn, Devin does everything he can to save the store, the Holiday family, and his newfound love.

This film is produced by  MarVista Entertainment and will air December 14th on BET! It will also available to view on iTunes. Until then, set your DVRs and tune in to show your support for this new film!

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