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Looking for Female Emcees? Check out 30+ You Should Know!

A recent trending topic (#chhsexism) about sexism in the church and in Christian hip hop (AKA #CHH) raised many questions.  While that hashtag was about much more than music or artists, it still left many wonderin, “Where are the female emcees in Christian hip hop?” So, for this week’s “New Release Recap” we compiled a list of 30 women who have been putting in work and continuing to grow!  They each bring their own style and sound to the table.  Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Note: These artists are not listed in any particular rank.  We’ll let you choose your own favorites!  This list also focuses on artists who either have recent music released or are currently working on releasing new music in the near future.  We know there are more artists out there who fit this category!  So, comment below and let us know who we’re missing!

Watch The Full Video:

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