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Macklyn Mosley releases first single “Keep On” and names his musical inspirations

If you’re a fan of R&B music with a positive message, you don’t want to sleep on Macklyn, who recently released, “Keep On.”

Macklyn is a native of Virginia, and a lover of all things creative. Mixing 80s and 90s beats, with a modern flair, “Keep On encourages listeners to persevere in the faith, that one day they may see Christ. “Keep On” is the first song from his upcoming EP, The Eccentric Type, to be released later this year. Macklyn’s inspiration for the single’s style came from artists such as SWV, Musiq Soulchild, Fred Hammond, and Christon Gray.

You can definitely hear those musical influences in this track along with a mellow groove and message that encourages the believer in a time when we’re all feeling the pressure to grind and hustle.

Apart from music, Macklyn expresses his creative side through photography, graphic design, and blogging.  His blog, The Suffering Saint, began in late 2017, detailing his life, his struggles, his desires for the Lord, and more. Here’s what he has to say about the inspiration behind another one of his songs, “Single,” featuring Nate Emmanuel and Monielle:

“I have a completely different perspective on singleness and it’s all thanks to God… I wanted to address some of these things in my song because it’s vital for us as believers to find our rest in the Lord, and not try to find it in being married, just losing weight, just (you fill in the blank). Jesus plus nothing equals everything. And while that’s hard to always believe it doesn’t change that it’s true.” -Macklyn, The Suffering Saint blog

With his heart for the Gospel, we can expect more of Macklyn’s tracks in the near future to come from personal experience with a message of hope that we can all connect to in this journey called life.

Keep up with Macklyn on Instagram via @macklyndion 

What do you think of Macklyn’s new single? Stay tuned for more of Macklyn’s music to debut this year!

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