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Matt Thornton And Corey Paul are All About “My Father’s Business”

Roughly 50 miles north of Chicago is a small city named Zion with a population of about 24,000 people. Matt Thornton not only resides in Zion, but he’s an officer for the Zion Policy Department and has been for over 14 years.

Matt describes the city as being “plagued with a severe disproportionate amount of drugs and violence

After giving his life to Jesus, Matt found a way to use his badge to glorify God and that’s when he formed “My Father’s Business.” Over four years ago, MFB started as an outreach organization for at risk youth with 6 kids and has now grown to hundreds of kids attending their weekly events.

“A lot of my kids come from brokenness, and I think they can relate to when I tell them how broken I was. I’m not going to judge any of them or browbeat them at all. They’ll come to me and say, ‘Mr. Matt, I’ve been messing up.’ I tell them I’d been struggling too. ‘Let’s struggle together and we’ll go talk.’ I tell them this is a broken world and we’re going to struggle with sin and flesh every single day, and how your relationship with sin changes. Do you run to God or away from God? I’m really honest with them. I think they appreciate that. They don’t want a school teacher-type attitude. I think that’s showi

Matt recently teamed up with his friend, supporter and Texas based rapper Corey Paul for a special collaboration. Corey has created what is essentially the MFB anthem, to honor the work Matt is doing as well as to inspire the young people his organization is helping.

To learn more about “My Father’s Business”and how you can volunteer or support financially visit their Facebook page here.

Watch the video for “The Cop Doing My Father’s Business” by Corey Paul below:

Watch “The Cop Doing My Father’s Buisness” Here

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