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This summer, Michelle Williams announced to public that she checked herself into a facility for help with depression. She also admitted that this has been a an ongoing challenge in her life since she was 13 years old. But, it wasn’t until she reached her 30s that she realized her struggle had a name (depression). This gave her the direction she needed to find the best help for coping through this challenge moving forward. Since then, Michelle has been quietly putting in the work to get better.

This week, Michelle spoke up on instagram about her progress with depression, how she copes with people’s opinions since going public, her new bible plan through @youversion:

“You don’t look like you’ve been depressed to me!” I posted about this on Twitter a few weeks ago. That was a statement someone said to me. It almost made me feel guilty for doing the work to feel better, look better and BE BETTER!! I began to wonder how long was I supposed to walk around looking like what I had been through. Now don’t get it twisted, I definitely looked and felt a mess but I made the decision to get it together!! I look at new pictures of me now vs 10 weeks ago and I truly thank God for bringing me this far.

I hate to have this conversation again because my friends and family know that I’ve been here before. I just want to encourage someone to smile, get up, brush your teeth, comb your hair, shower, put some bronzer on, get a shape up, put some lotion on your ashy ankles, put something nice on. For those of you unfamiliar with someone going through something…..pray before you speak or just smile at them and keep it moving. With love!! ❤️ Ps: as my mom would say “I don’t wanna have to say this again!” ?Click the link in my bio for my bible plan I created with @YouVersion on anxiety and depression!” – Michelle Williams [See Instagram Post]

Michelle seems to be keeping herself surrounded by friends who are supportive of her journey. This includes her fiance Chad who she is scheduled to marry this year! Depression and other forms of mental health are very real issues. However, it doesn’t have to stop you from living life. Michelle is putting in the work to be sure that it doesn’t stop hers. There are ways to cope and it is possible to get better. The first step is being honest with yourself that you have some work to do. The second step is to let someone know how you feel so you can find direction to get the help that you need.

Depression is common. So, you will not be alone in your journey in finding your way to peace and  hope.  Michelle has recently created a new Bible plan to make sure everyone remembers that they are not alone while taking them along with her on her journey to healing. Watch what she has to say about it below:

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Exciting News!! My Bible plan on the @youversion Bible app has over 133,000 subscribers and over 38,000 completions! One of the BEST partnerships ever!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for coming along on this journey with me! Thank you for PRAYING too!! Click the link in my bio!! @youversion @bobbygwald @craiggroeschel @amygroeschel @jonathanmeisner @jessgpenick @drhollycarter @chadjohnson77 @jordanwiseman @brianjrussell #FindingHope #Believe #Anxiety #Depression #MichelleWilliams #Bible

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If you have found yourself in a similar space, we encourage you to visit our friends at @anthemofhope.  They specialize in helping people who are dealing with depression, self harm, suicide prevention and more.  Visit their website today to find Christian Counselors, Marriage & Family Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Psychiatrists near you!

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