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MUSIC PREMIERE: Tay Collier Releases ‘Sunday Morning’ EP

Tay Collier’s first official EP, Sunday Morning is here, bringing listeners the reality of the struggle we all face each day of the week leading up to the Lord’s day.

Though the title might allude attributes of glory, joy and rejoicing, the six track project focuses on issues that negatively affect the heart and mind— depression, anxiety, loneliness, fear and hurt. “Sunday Morning is a project created to open up a door for transparency because many people struggle Monday through Saturday just to put on a mask Sunday morning and I believe we were created for more,” says Tay Collier.

Where some mainstream artists have become increasingly honest and transparent lyrically in recent years, Tay has been doing it since his early releases like “Pieces” and “Up.”

The project begins with the first day of the work week that most would rather skip, “Monday.” He goes through the flood of discouraging thoughts and emotions that we  have before even getting out of bed. It speaks to the internal struggle of being in a place in life that is less than stellar or just uncomfortable in every way…

I’m in a place in my life where I’m feeling stuck and I don’t know what You’ve planned for me. Is this the life that You handed me? Or this result of mismanaging?  -Tay Collier

Later in the project we hear Tay speaking on his prayer and thought process in the midst of dealing with pressures and anxieties on “Thursday.”

“Saturday (Interlude)” is an encouraging voice recording from Tay’s friend and possibly mentor RMG artist, Canon.

He mentions his past struggles,  progress and present victories while encouraging him to continue to press forward. In previous years, Tay traveled with Canon during his tour.

The album ends on a hopeful note with “Sunday Morning” a collaboration with indie artists Torey D’shaun, loveaintdoneyet and Janae.  This song sings words from the scriptures.  It reminds listeners that though the week may be difficult, if we can just press through, Sunday morning will come.

Sunday Morning Tracklist 

Monday Tuesday


Friday (or Barry White)

Saturday interlude

Sunday Morning

Connect with Tay on social media @ohTAYSc

Listen to Sunday Morning Here

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