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MUSIC REVIEW: Shantel Hampton releases “King” Music Video

Artist Shantel Hampton released a new video “King” featuring Jwilmusic on the follow up of her EP release this past Spring.

“Keep me in Your presence, Lord Ignite me with Your fire Never will forsake, I’m begging you to stay Wherever You’ll I’ll go”

It’s easy to catch the hook and sing it through the day.  Trust and believe I’ve had to sing it to myself when I’ve been tried and stressed.

When you are stressed, lonely, abandoned, persecuted, who do you go to?  The King of Kings gave us a promise is the word that He will never leave us nor forsake us.  He is our source of joy, peace, strength and protection.  In the Lord’s presence there is fullness of joy and pleasures forever more.  That’s what Shantel and Jwilmusic address in their song as they go through the obstacles of everyday life.

Despite what we face God is always there and His love is enough for us.

“You know that You will always be the best, You’re the reason I can’t settle for less…”

It’s an upbeat track with a melodic piano complimenting an upbeat hip hop sound.

Shantel not only lays vocals on the track but switches the style up with a rap verse showing her versatility.  “King” is just one of the stellar tracks on her recently released album “The Base” now available online.


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