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New Artist Kadidia Talks About Her Purpose and God’s Plan in Her EP “Epiphany”

In society and even Christian circles, the message of knowing your purpose is pushed a lot. Often times in your journey to purpose you will go one way and God will lead you another, sometimes opposite of what you thought for yourself or even planned. Such is the case for Christian singer Kadidia Christel, who released her first EP entitled, Epiphany: My Purpose over the summer this year.

As a young adult, she’s expressed her journey to this point of becoming a recording artist and what it means to her. The New York native grew up singing in church, being content with serving as a supporting vocalist for her brother Tae Edwards. Following her brother’s unexpected passing in 2015, a friend surprised Kadidia with a studio session to lift her spirits. The initial plan was to just have a little fun, but producer Gary Coach saw something more. Now she is an artist with Coach and Naomi Raine’s record label The Bridge Collective:

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Why did i decide to become an artist ❓ #kadidia #Epiphany #GodsPlan #DefinitelyNotMine

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“Being 22, everybody around this age is still trying to figure out exactly who they are and what their purpose is. Being an artist was never a goal for me…I never thought I was good enough to be honest,” said Kadidia candidly on her Instagram page. We don’t know about that one, because she has some great singing talent and has done beautiful covers online. Now with her own music, she’s released a live acoustic version of one of her EP’s tracks called “Nowhere:”

Kadidia has experienced her fair share of valley moments during her journey, but through it all, she shares her epiphany with listeners: “You are not alone. Fear, frustration, depression, anxiety and identity crisises are real, but so is God and He knows about every part of it. The sun is shining where you’re going.”

From transparent lyrics to soulful melodies, Epiphany: My Purpose, His Will is set to make a substantial impact in Contemporary Christian music.

Check out  Epiphany: My Purpose, His Will, available everywhere!

Listen to Epiphany: My Purpose, His Will Here

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