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New Documentary Highlighting The Journey of Black Women Entrepreneurs Premiers On Netflix Today &#82

“She Did That” is a new documentary that releases today on Netflix that you can’t miss! This documentary goes inside of the lives of extraordinary, black female entrepreneurs as they discuss building legacies and pioneering a new future for the next generation.

The documentary is produced by Renae L. Bluitt who is a producer, digital content creator and PR consultant from Brooklyn, New York. Renae serves as an advocate for Black women’s accurate representation in the media. Carrying over a decade of experience, she has gained valuable insight into Black women entrepreneur’s narratives. Her passion for supporting Black female narratives in business was the fuel behind her passion to create “She Did That”.

In this documentary Bluitt hightlighs the journey of 4 Black Women in business: Luvvie Ajayi (Digital strategist and author of “I’m Judging You”), Melissa Butler (Founder of “The Lip Bar”), Lisa Price (Founder of Carol’s Daughter) and Tonya Rapley (Founder of “My Fab Finance”).

Renae Bluitt recently spoke with Forbes Magazine about her overall concept for the film, why black women entrepreneurs need to be supported and how they will be inspired by this documentary:

“Black women and the magic we create is the inspiration behind this film. As the fastest group of entrepreneurs in this country, we are literally turning water into wine in spite of the many obstacles we face on our entrepreneurial journeys. We do what it takes to build our brands and legacies with so much grace, and oftentimes we make it look effortless. This film was created to let the world know what it really takes to be a successful Black woman entrepreneur in this world. Platforms like social media only show us the results and the highlights, but “She Did That.” pulls back the curtain to reveal how and why we do it.” – Renae Bluitt

This new documentary releases today on Netflix. Set some time aside to watch this film and to be inspired!


SHE DID THAT (TRAILER) from Renae Bluitt on Vimeo.

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