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New Film Premiere “Chicago At The Crossroad” Shines Light On Our Nation

The Chicago International Film Festival and Schodorf Media Creative have come together to present the free online world premiere of “Chicago At The Crossroad”. This feature film explores the history of policies that have negatively impacted Chicago and other American cities.

Directed by Emmy Award winning film producer/director Brian Schodorf and narrated by Malik Yusef, the film thoroughly explores Chicago as it is often known by many of its residents which is as a tale of two cities. When downtown, you feel untouchable. But, after a short trip to certain areas of the South and West sides of the city, the differences are clear.


Much is said about the violence that plagues segregated communities within the Chicagoland area. But what is known about the systems that created it, the laws that isolated it, and the policies that abandoned it? And how does a city heal from decades of heartbreak and pain? This new feature documentary, Chicago At The Crossroads (filmed over the course of 15 years) answers these questions, offering a penetrating look at the incessant segregation, violence and disastrous public policy decisions that affect Chicago and cities across the country.

Watch the trailer below, then click here to view the full screening of this documentary. (Click here to RSVP for the live online Q&A session with the team.)


Click here to watch the full film:


The Chicago International Film Festival, along with Schodorf Media Creative, The Firehouse Community Art Center, and Sinai Community Institute, will present a virtual panel discussion on our YouTube channel on Tuesday, May 26 at 7pm CT in conjunction with the online release of new documentary Chicago at the Crossroad.

The panel discussion will bring further context and conversation surrounding the film’s themes of violence in Chicago communities with moderator Robin Robinson and panelists Brian Schodorf (director and producer of Chicago at the Crossroad), Pastor Phil Jackson (Founder and CEO of the Firehouse Community Arts Center), and Camille Williamson (Director of the Center for Civic Learning and Community Action at Adler University).

Stream “Chicago at the Crossroad” is streaming now! Click here to watch the full film:

Set a YouTube reminder for the Q&A Panel Discussion Here:


This film will later be accompanied by a viewers guide that will be implemented in classrooms across the country where they will utilize the film to address historical segregation and housing policy. Donations will also go towards curriculum at the Firehouse Community Art Center to continue to assist at risk youth and continue the fight against gun violence in Chicago. Click here to donate and to watch the film:


Brian Schodorf is an Emmy Award winning film producer, director, and writer. His work in television and film has earned him 12 additional Regional Emmy nominations by the Television Academy and the title “Media Professional of the Year” by the Topeka Capital Journal. ESPN, NBA-TV, PBS, and in many festivals have featured Schodorf’s work. His documentaries The Wayman Tisdale Story, Poverty in Chicago, Greensburg, and most recent, Chicago at the Crossroad each tackle the human condition.

Originally from Kansas, Schodorf now resides in Chicago where he graduated from Columbia College. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Television Production and a Masters Degree in Media Management.

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