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New Music: Brother 3 “That’s What You Thought”

Stepping out of your comfort zone as an artist can be very difficult.  For rappers especially, making the music you are known for can become a crutch and often times a hindrance to growth.  As an avid listener of music, there’s nothing more I love than when an artist breaks free from their inhibition and tries something different.  I was pleased to hear than one of my favorite emcee’s was releasing a new single, but upon hearing the single I was even more pleased that he stepped outside of the box.

Chicago native and one of Rapzilla’s 2016 “freshman” Brother 3, released his latest single on May 1st entitled “That’s What You Thought.”  The hard hitting Juice Bangers produced track is not the typical boom bap, fans have come to expect from Brother 3.  “I was real nervous about this joint because it’s not something I would normally do and I wasn’t sure how people would accept it,” he said. “But, I want to try to do some different stuff and expand the fan base.”

“That’s What You Thought” is captivating and is a challenge to those that think Christianity is for the weak hearted.   He touches on multiple issues including race, “why our skin separating us, if we believe in Him we can unite again,” Brother 3 raps.   The new single, “That’s What You  Thought” is currently available on all digital outlets.

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