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New Music: Dee-1 Drops Exclusive Unreleased Track “The Desperate Devil”

Dee-1 is getting ready to release his debut album, Slingshot David, a follow up to his Slingshot David Mixtape released last summer.

Though he hasn’t given us a release date for the project, he recently dropped an unreleased single entitled “The Desperate Devil.”  “It’s a song I did about the fact that I’ve been experiencing a lot of spiritual warfare on my way to finishing my new album “Slingshot David,” he said. “But I’m finished! And the devil knows how special it’s about to be, so he’s been trying his best to knock me down. Remember to stay focused, because evil is intelligent.”

The song was released exclusively to MVP fans signed up for his email newsletter as a gift. Dee-1 gave clearance for fans to share the song.

Dee-1 has taken an unusual road to success in the rap industry by partnering with the infamous student loan provider Sallie Mae and promoting financial literacy and responsibility at a time when most rappers encourage indulgence and wastefulness.  The New Orleans native seems to always create music that is not only energetic, but also real, righteous and relevant as his mantra states.

You can connect with Dee-1 on all social  media platforms @dee1music

Listen to “The Desperate Devil” below.

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