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New Music: Deraj “Wait On You”

Deraj is one of the most consistent and talented artists on the market today, and he’s back with a brand new single entitled “Wait On You” featuring Haley Hunt.

This latest single is the first release from the Reflection Music Group artist since his 2017 Goodish EP which was the perfect blend of hip hop and pop tunes.

Deraj pushes the boundaries of modern and traditional CHH music and has carved out a lane of his own. On “Wait On You,” he’s reminding his audience that good things come to those that wait and anything worth having will take time.  It’s a much-needed message in today’s society where instantaneous gratification is what most people are chasing.  Sometimes it’s better to have to wait.

Fans can text Deraj and let him know what you think about his latest single at 407-965-2275.

Listen to “Wait On You” Here

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