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New Music: Onajh ft. Ro “Need”

Chicago, by way of Indianapolis, rapper Onajh has been on a tear lately.

His latest release, “Need” (Ft. Ronica Daze/aka “Ro”) is the epitome of smooth.  Although Onajh flows like water on the track, the featured vocalist Ro brings it home. Her voice is tranquil and peaceful all the way down to her ad-libs.

Back in July, he set out on a mission to release one new track each month for eight months straight.  Four months in, he hasn’t slowed down yet.  Those releases included “The Way,” “Not so Picasso” featuring Dwayne Reed, and “I Remember” along with a video.

Onajh believes that “Jesus fulfills every need that we could possibly come up with,” and that was his purpose behind the song. “Need” is arguably Onajhs’ best release yet and it excites for what he’s got coming next.

Be sure to follow Onajh on social media to keep up with him, via @whoisonajh

Listen to “Need” by Onajh ft. Ro

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