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NEW MUSIC: Propaganda Releases New Album “Crooked”

Los Angeles veteran rapper Propaganda released his third solo album today, entitled Crooked. The Humble Beast affiliate has been speaking out on political issues long before it was the “cool” thing to do and with the social climate what it is today you can expect justice to be one of Prop’s main topics of discussion. He raps on the title track Crooked:

“Some heroes unsung and some monsters get monuments built for ’em But ain’t we all a little bit a monster? We crooked! Man, your heroes are worthless And man can sure try, but only God gives purpose You crooked!”

Crooked, seems to navigate the world of the twisted humanity where those that are often championed by some are despised by others. And likewise, within ourselves we frequently battle with inconsistencies. Although we may hold some values and morals in high regard, we can still struggle in other areas. 

&nsbp; As always, Propaganda’s latest project will have you thinking, reflecting and reaching for the nearest dictionary or thesaurus to keep up, but with features from Marz Ferrer and label mates Sho Baraka and Jackie Hill-Perry, you are sure to enjoy every second of it.

As with all Humble Beast releases, Propaganda’s Crooked album is available for free download at However, those who wish to financially support the movement can purchase the project on all digital outlets.

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