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New St. Louis Gospel Television Show

Ladies & Gentlemen, there is something amazing coming to television for the Gospel Community in the year 2023! Coming from Saint Louis, Missouri to a television and device near you, we are proud to announce the launch of 'Praise 365 TV' hosted by St. Louis Gospel Radio Personality 'Scooda'

This new TV program will be a platform to showcase gifts, talents & more for the gospel community. 'Praise 365 TV' is a program to help uplift, encourage, inspire and showcase all of the great people in the St. Louis area. 'Scooda' looks to help build a platform where people can get opportunities and be able to share their heart when it comes to the things God has birthed in them.

We also are going to be doing 'In The Street' segments where 'Scooda' will be taking trips to churches & events to see what's happening on the scene of these amazing places!

'Praise 365 TV' is featured on the AH! TV Network and available on Fire TV, Apple TV & all Roku enabled Devices, or you can download the AH! TV Network Mobile App (you can learn more by clicking here.)

If you are interested in being a guest, wanting to partner or even if you would like to sow a seed to the furthering of this program, please email:

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