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New Video: Hector Dominguez in “La Cultura”

In the current age of indie artists and struggling indie labels, most hip-hop videos have become low budget, uninspiring and unimaginative. Of course, there are always exceptions, and such is the case with Hector Dominguez’s recent video release for “

The new visual by the Misunderstood rapper was directed by David Saad and Desmond Huey on the streets of Chicago during the Puerto Rican Day Parade.

Hector puts a strong highlight on his cultural roots in this single.  While the single is a blend of Spanish and English lyrics, the beauty of the video is that the viewer doesn’t have to be fluent in Spanish to catch the meaning and pride being presented throughout the song.

It’s obvious that during this climate of prejudice  and bias toward the Latin community, Hector is promoting unity and pride in one’s culture.  The “La Cultura” video is a strong representation of the Puerto Rican culture as well as Chicago’s diversity and beauty.

Be sure to follow Hector on social media @imtherealhector

Watch “La Cultura” Here

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