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Nurse Goes Viral For Singing To Patient In Kentucky!

Well, this is a feel-good story! Originally shared by WSAZ News: Janie Muncy of Ashton, Kentucky was in a hospital dealing with an irregular heartbeat and was able to get joyful noise from one of the nurses, Bobby Blanton.

This story went viral (sort of) but we definitely thought we should contribute to the awareness. Nurses, doctors and even security at hospitals play a huge part in making medical trips as pleasant as can be. So shouts out to Bobby for being a blessing to Mother Muncy! Yes, I named her because I’m sure that’s we’d call her in my church! Lol.

He ended up singing the hymn ‘How Great Thou Art’ for Muncy and her family. Her family recorded video of the moment and shared it with WSAZ.

Nurse sings gospel music for patient at Ashland hospital This sweet video is making the rounds on Facebook! A nurse at King's Daughters Medical Center used his singing voice to calm a patient's nerves during a stressful time.Watch the entire video:–Nurse-sings-gospel-music-for-patient-at-Ashland-hospital-510782031.html Posted by Kaitlynn LeBeau on Monday, June 3, 2019

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