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Poets in Autumn return with new nationwide tour!

The Poets in Autumn (PIA Tour) returns with a new tour reaching over 20 U.S. cities starting August 4th!

This year’s tour welcomes back to the roster Janette…ikz who was on break last year after the birth of her and husband Matthew’s daughter, plus PIA veterans Ezekiel Azonwu, Preston Perry, Joseph Solomon and Chris Webb will each bring their unique talents to the stage with pieces and music to inspire introspection and direct us back to Christ. Artist Jackie Hill Perry is not on the roster this year, gearing up for the release of her book debuting on September 3rd and speaking tour in the Fall.

What makes the PIA Tour unique is that it’s not a typical poetry night or open mic experience. Each artist opens their soul to expose what they and perhaps us- the audience- have experienced in life past and present, not holding back, speaking to believers and non-believers alike. From pornography to social media addiction, submission in marriage to being the bride of Christ, every piece stirs the soul.

“Vulnerable Art…it’s the only art I know.” –Janette…ikz

They also make societal and political commentary. We look forward to hearing more of this upcoming piece by Chicago native, Preston Perry:

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Come to the tour to check out this piece by my bro @preston_n_perry…please don’t wait on getting tix for your city!

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Fans in Oklahoma City will be in for a treat as the tour kicks off there with a special live taping! See the flyer below for more tour dates in the United States and Canada. Get tickets here!

Have you attended the Poets in Autumn Tour before? If so tell us when and where in the comments!

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