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“Poets & Saints” – Hear the Latest From “All Sons & Daughters&#822


On September 2nd, All Sons and Daughters released their newest album, “Poets & Saints” –  This album was birthed out of both passion and exploration after the team completed their last trip to Europe.  Why Europe?  Well, the group decided together that they would begin an epic journey into the lives and stories of a handful of trailblazing Christ followers that God used to “wake up the world”.  Their goal was to find undiscovered gems that God could use to connect them with modern people of faith today.

“… We decided to trace the lives of a handful of believers who God used to wake up the world”

“We are all poets and saints, we all have something to say, and whatever we have to say comes from our places of brokenness.”


Purchase “Poets & Saints” on iTunes today!



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