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Preston Perry Releases Poem “New Woke Christian”

Preston Perry recently wrote a new poem called “New Woke Christian”.  He has been performing this poem live throughout the fall/winter season of 2017 exclusively during the PIA Tour.  Now that the tour has ended, the poem has finally been released to the public.

Speaking of the challenging topics of race relations in america, oppression and the senseless deaths of young black men, Preston explains why caring about injustice in America matters.  He recently shared his reservations for writing this poem on twitter saying, “I honestly struggled about writing this piece for many reasons.  It was the first time it has ever happened to me.”

Preston’s words are riveting and are designed to leave you thinking… But, they’re also designed to bring understanding, balance and a desire to become more involved in the ministry of justice.

“There’s nothing wrong with being woke” Preston shares in his poem. “In fact, I believe that when we care about injustice, heaven smiles with the grin of a thousand horizons.  The angles begin to dance in daylight joy… singing with their own bodies… a right now praise… thankful that we are evidence that God is a just God.”  – Preston Perry

If that sample caught your attention, watch the full video below.  You won’t regret it.

Watch The Full Video :

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