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Propganda, Sho Baraka & More Tackle Controversial Topic: Faith and Politics (Video)

If you have been following us for a while, you know that one of our main goals as a platform is to be an “amplifier” … not just of music, but also for the voice of faith-based millennials.  We do this by covering various topics from entertainment, lifestyle, faith, to pop culture and more.  Today, we’re talking about the controversial topic of faith and politics.  We asked each artist one question:  “Should Christians be involved in politics?  If so, how?

Watch the full video below and share your comments with us. Let’s talk!


Click here for Part Two where the same artists speak about their personal experiences with racial injustice and share their suggestions for continued unity and solutions:

Note:  This video is not to make anyone vote or to tell them who to vote for.  We’re simply engaging in a conversation that is already being had among our audience and sharing varying perspectives.  With the elections being so close, and with voting from a large portion of millennials currently being low (especially from “minority” millennials), we think it’s a conversation worth having.  We’re curious to know where you stand and why…

Share your thoughts below:

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