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RAII & Whitney share their journey in music, marriage and purpose

Artists RAII & Whitney Smith have shown us that the couple that makes music together stays together.

The world was introduced to this dynamic on the hit show “America’s Got Talent” in their 11th season in 2016. They met as students at the University of Illinois when RAII joined Whitney’s Gospel group. This Illinois couple teaches, writes music, sings, prays, worships and travel together.

They have sung background vocals for major recording artists such as Alicia Keys, John Legend, Sam Smith and many more. “I can definitely say working with my husband beats everything,” shared Whitney on her slaying vocals with her husband RAII whenever they get to perform backgrounds together. “It’s a beautiful thing when you’ve got a wife who is a helpmate, check mate, soul mate,” gushed RAII in a recent vlog.

The Smiths are pursuing a career in music together and sharing their journey along the way on social media and their self-titled YouTube channel. In their series Marriage & Music, RAII & Whitney vlog their travels, what they’re learning about relationships, the music industry and God-given purpose.

Watch Episode 9 of Marriage & Music Here

For the month of February, the couple launched Marriage & Music Live Edition each week on Facebook Live on their official page. They get more personal in these 30 minute videos, diving deep into their story and experiences while interacting with fans.

RAII & Whitney released their first music video for their single, “No Worries Step Clap.”

Watch “No Worries Step Clap” Here

RAII & Whitney are no strangers to us at ArtSoul Radio. They have served as special guest hosts for us at the 2017 Stellar Awards.  We appreciate this international duo with local roots.

The latest EP from RAII & Whitney is  Heart.Hope., now available for purchase on iTunes

Stream Heart.Hope. Here

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