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Rapper & Singer Rachel J releases videos for her latest single “Cycle”

Chicago based artist Rachel J keeps it real about life and her relationship with God in her music and visuals for the single “Cycle.”

The rapper/singer shared two videos for the single this week on her YouTube channel.

The official video was directed by Spencer Berry:

The second video for “Cycle” she directed, and was shot by Davion Calvert and Earl Whitaker:

Rachel J explains the story behind her song “Cycle” and what she heard in her conversation with God:

The song talks about the freedom of choices we as believers have. For young adult Christians like Rachel J, we are growing and learning how to live unchanged by the world’s culture with God’s unique purpose for each of us to change said culture through Jesus Christ.

“Rachel J is stepping into this industry with no limits! With her, all cards are on the table and nothing is off limits in her music.”

Rachel J is not ashamed of The Gospel and desires to see her peers come to Christ. Her passion for music and ambition to use her art and gifts to share messages of hope have the opportunity to help others in this generation. Can you relate to the messages in her song “Cycle”? Share in the comments!

Listen to “Cycle” Here

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