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Renew Movement Collective Hosts New Conference & Live Recording!

Renew Worship Conference is a 2 day gathering of worshipers pursuing the presence of God together.  Facilitated by the Renew Movement Worship team, their goal is to have churches large and small will gather for worship, collaboration, instruction, fellowship, and growth.  Their team of conference speakers and worship leaders are prepared to impart spirit-led truths to all those involved in local church and worship ministry.  Topics such as Theology of Worship, Songwriting, Spirit Led Worship, Team Building, Prayer, and so much more will be taught during this conference.  The goal of this gathering is to send every attendee away with Impartation, Inspiration, and Encounter.

Watch Renew Movement Sing Psalm 91 (Live):

Song Story:

Conference Guest Singers Include KJ Scriven, Dee Wilson, Cafe Worship and more!

Click here for a full list of guest speakers listed below:

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