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Renew Movement On the Rise

“Renew Movement is a community of worship leaders and creatives who desire revival in our nation and whose mission is to lead people into encounters with God.”  

This collective is remaining true to their mission with their brand new single, “Psalm 91” along with their weekly Renew Worship Nights.  With their mission and melodic sound combined, Renew Movement is indeed on track to be one of the most powerful worship teams around!

This internet sensation has recently gone viral with the live version of “Psalm 91”; putting the familiar Psalm to fresh acoustic sounds and the strong vocals of its members.

Watch Renew Movement Sing Psalm 91:

Renew Movement takes a contemporary approach to Christian music that allows you to focus on the pure sound of worship.  The Psalm itself evokes feelings of security, stability and refuge in God, our Father.  They help bring it all to life starting the song off mellow, leading up to the climax of worship and gratefulness to God as the song continues.

The passion of this group is evident in their live performance videos, and the excitement and fire they have for worship is contagious!  In times such as this, we could all use a little reminder that no matter the situation, “He is our refuge”.

Purchase Psalm 91 below:


Learn The chords to this song here.

Written by Tempestt Williams | @tempesttaisha

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