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RMG Amplify and Serge Announce Partnership

RMG Amplify is excited to announce it is working with the extremely talented Serge. The Miami-bred artist will release two projects with the help of the label’s marketing services to keep his momentum growing after his Return of the Rookie project from 2015. His next EP, Rookie Season, is due out October 27 and will continue Serge’s underdog journey.

“What’s funny is, I’m not into sports at all, but I adopted the mindset, being lowly in heart, someone who hasn’t arrived,” Serge says of considering himself a rookie in the rap game. “I don’t want to feel like I’ve arrived. I want to grind like I’m still a rookie, always learning new things and growing.”

He connected with RMG through co-founders Doc Watson and Derek Minor after Canon spoke with him at SXSW about Amplify’s services. Serge says he appreciates the integrity and track record of the label.

“The selling point for me is who they are as people,” he says. “They’re good people as well as capable.”

“Serge is an amazing artist,” Doc shares of the partnership. “I’m excited about him because of his drive and talent. He is one of the best.”

Serge considers Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Sia as just a few of his musical influences, but also credits Lecrae for having played a major role in igniting his love for Christian hip-hop back in 2007. Serge has since made a name for himself by being featured on projects from FLAME and Json and had a personal achievement when he helped write Lecrae’s “Timepiece” off the gold-certified album, Anomaly.

“It was surreal to see thousands of people on tour sing something I wrote in my room,” he says of watching footage of Lecrae’s concerts.

Hear Serge’s New Single “Swish” Below

Although genres are bending and blurring more than ever in today’s industry, Serge truly exemplifies an artist who can do it all: rap, sing and write. He is excited to keep making music from the heart to share his experiences with a lens of faith.

“I always want to make art that’s organic to where I’m at in life,” he says.

Look for Serge’s Rookie Season on October 27th via RMG Amplify.

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