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Sho Baraka Releases “The Narrative” as First Humble Beast Debut Album!

It has been three years since critically acclaimed hip hop artist Sho Baraka released new music, but on October 21st he launched his highly anticipated fourth studio album The Narrative. The Narrative addresses hot topics including social consciousness, issues of everyday life and the struggles we all face as humans. All the topics are saturated in a Gospel worldview which informs how Sho wrestles through each train of thought. Just as Sho has grown up and matured, so has the sound of his music. While still having a hip-hop backbone, the record is heavily influenced by jazz and soul. The soundscape is supported by live instrumentation, providing layers of musicality. These musical arrangements act as a soundtrack to the vivid word pictures Sho paints with his potent lyrics for the entirety of The Narrative. Sho includes a few features on this album. Lecrae appears on “Here, 2016” and fellow Humble Beast artist Jackie Hill Perry is featured on “Kanye, 2009,” Sho’s own version of a Kanye West rant. Other notable features include James Portier, Courtland Orlando and Vanessa Hill.


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