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Should Christians Make Secular Music? A Conversation w/ Jam The Hype & The Founder of ArtSoul R

ArtSoul Radio’s founder Tamara Young was recently featured in a conversation with the newly revamped platform Jam The Hype. They discussed several controversial topics in the church…

“Should Christians do secular music?” “How can we really influence culture as Christian artists?” “How real can we really be as an artist in Christian music (Gospel Music & CHH)?”

Previously a platform that focused on promoting CHH artists, Jam The Hype’s new focus has shifted to now focus on developing urban leaders within the artist community so they can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As an advocate for creatives and the founder of two creative platforms, Tamara Young carries a strong passion for the promotion, development and guidance of creatives. Not only is she the founder of this platform ArtSoul Radio, but she is also the lead Founder of the ArtSoul Creatives Network which is a network that is designed to give creatives access to community and exclusive resources & benefits that will help them thrive.

In the video below, she speaks to the truth of many artists often believing that they need to choose between their creativity and their faith. In today’s controversial talk, she poses the question “Would artists need to choose if they knew they could do both in a way that still honors their faith?” This question which led to many other questions and ideals such as secularism, human expression, and more set the stage for a great conversation between her and the hosts of Jam The Hype. This has been an ongoing topic among creatives in faith based communities. Tune in below as they tackle these issues and as always leave your comments!



For those who have followed Jam The Hype over the years, you may have noticed that the platform has changed. Previously a space for promoting Christian hip hop artists, it is now a space for development. Under the umbrella of Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI), the Jam The Hype platform now exists to develop urban leaders within the artist community, so that together they can effectively influence urban youth culture to live transformed lives by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Our desire is to take our under-developed artists and creators and provide them the tools, information, and motivation to become Godly urban leaders first and artists second. We want to walk the journey with these artists much like and Artist & Repertoire would do with new artists at record labels. This transformation will be led by a new video podcast series created by our new JTH Senior Content Editor, George Moss.”

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