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Singer-Songwriter Releases New Timely Single “The Medicine”

Grammy Nominated artist, Dee Wilson just released his newest single “The Medicine”. This single tackles some our biggest issues within society today. As always, wrapped in words that are delivered more like lyrical poetry, this singer/songwriter sings from a place of conviction that arrests the listener’s attention each time in a way that can’t be ignored. Just scroll down to listen for yourself…

“The Medicine” – Full Music Video

If you are new this artist, you can find more of his music via the links at the end of this article. He is also apart of the team Common Hymnal – a worship collective that believes in amplifying the voices of believers within the Christian culture who not only sing songs of encouragement, worship, life, etc. But, they just as freely believe in the importance and responsibility of singing honest songs that show our humanity as believers and songs that show the Christian perspective to societal issues and other current events.

If you’re a fan of Dee’s newest single “The Medicine”, you’ll find more like it in his last album release “Black & White Hymnal”, as well as with his collaborations with the Common Hymnal team.

Click the above image to stream on Soundcloud.

DeeWilsonLive · The Medicine

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