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Skrip Ain’t Chasing Grammys

To celebrate his birthday on February 19th, Chicago native Skrip releases “Ain’t Chasing Grammys.”

The former Infiltrate Music front man scarcely releases new music so a new single was certainly a treat for fans.

Though pastoring former World Renegade Church, now Prevail Church  takes up a great deal of his time, Skrip is still fully dedicated to music and it shows on “Ain’t Chasing Grammys.”  With lines like “you about see now, that spotlight burns you up,” he’s drawing attention to the vanity in pursuing the glory and limelight this world has to offer.  Skrip wants listeners to know that “the reason that I do this is the Holy Ghost.”

Listen to “Ain’t Chasing Grammys” Here

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