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Stevener Gaskin Jr. Drops “Black Excellence 600”

Stevener Gaskin Jr. recently dropped his latest single entitled “Black Excellence 600,” detailing the tensions and triumphes he experiences as an African American male.

These days the Gary, Indiana native lives and studies in a predominantly white context as a graduate student. Though he exposes the realities of how systemic oppression has manifested in different ways over time, I believe the greatest part of “Black Excellence 600” is in Stevener’s illustration of black excellence. He discusses how black slaves were stripped fr

Song s and inscriptions/ today we speak Ebonics they still can’t depict it…they call us ignorant, I call it gifted,  Stevener raps.

In 2010, Stevener joined a band and signed to Cross Movement Records as Level 3:16, later known as 6 Way Street. From a Stellar Nomination to charting #1 on Amazonand #2 on iTunes with there debut album in 2010-2011.

Stevener shows a level of maturation and personal growth that is unfortunately rare in hip hop, wiith lyrics like:

Married now got the kid coming got my mind spinning like a Mary-Go/ ears open to them old heads when they come around I speak very slow

What’s important and inspiring about “Black Excellence 600” is that no matter the struggle, Stevener realizes that Jesus’ accomplishment on the cross is the catalyst for an overarching theme of deliverance and hope and he is set on glorifying the Lord in all of his life ventures.

Check out “Black Excellence 600” on all digital outlets.

Catch Stevener Gaskin Jr. live along with Alert 312 and ShoBaraka at Wheaton College Saturday, April 21st.  For more information go here.

Listen to “Black Excellence 600” Here

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